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06 September 2010 @ 12:18 pm
I wanna be your...LOVER~  
Please link to 2 applications that you've already voted for: give them the ol’ one-two

Jin’s favorite country
Stamped as (if can, please link to your general application too): Wasn’t stamped yet, homes. (but they all voted Kamehameha so far)
Please give a short description about your personality again: I’m smart, funny, and sarcastic. I like handicrafts and anything else creative. I love theatre and film. I can be a bit obnoxious and a little too sarcastic.
Are you passionate? 
Sort of. I do have a lot of strong feelings.
Are you romantic?
I’m outwardly a realistic romantic, but in my mind I’m somewhat of a hopeless romantic :)


Dominate or submissive to your mate? Dominate XD
To love or be loved? To love. But both are beautiful things.
Relationship in a short time but intimate or long-lasting relationship but not too close? The former. I would choose intimacy over length because no matter how short it is, if it was meaningful, then it’s worth it.
Blunt or sugarcoater mate? I wouldn’t want him to sugarcoat things all the time, because that can get annoying. I’ll appreciate the honesty.
See your mate everyday or every so often? Every day! I can’t stand distance.

your type

What do you look for in a person? Strength, compassion, and kindness. Someone I can feel comfortable with. I want him to make me laugh, but I would also like to have intelligent discussions and debates with him. I also want to be able to be my true self around him and be able to talk about anything. I want to be his support and I want him to be mine.
Traits you don't want to see from your mate? SMOKING (or any other type of substance abuse), an egotistical or pompous attitude, being mean and inconsiderate to others, playboy tendencies, being overly shy/quiet
Does your mate have to share common interests and same personalities as yours? He can share some interests so we have something in common, but he doesn’t have to be my male counterpart.

Funny or sarcastic?
Sarcasm can be funny, but I’d have to choose funny because I think I’m sarcastic enough for the both of us. XD
Shy or confident? Confident! Just not arrogant.
Talkative or quiet? It would be ideal if he were talkative enough to keep up with me!
Cute and child-like or serious? Right down the middle. He would, of course, have to know when to be childish and when to be serious
Affectionate or not? Affectionate

Who in KAT-TUN do you want as a boyfriend?
Has he matched with your criterias/requirements? He has. I think we seem to match. Plus, he fits my weakness for bad puns and wordplay.
Which KAT-TUN member do you think you're least compatible with and why? Perhaps Jin, because he’s a little too cocky for my taste. Our vibes don’t seem to match each other.


Where would you like to go for a date? A night on the town such as walking around some touristy location (New York City or Downtown Disney), or an action-packed day at an amusement park.
What things would you like to do on a date? Play games or do fun activities, such as going on roller coasters, paintballing, laser tag, rock climbing, whatever.
If it's your first date with your mate, how would you impress him? Giving him the most fun day of his life, maybe bake something for him.
Would you ever buy matching couple accessories? Absolutely! Couple t-shirts part of being a gag-worthy, cute couple!

What kind of gift would you like to give to your mate?
Something edible or wearable.
What kind of gift would you like to receive from your mate? Something with a lot of good memories attached to it. Anything heartfelt will do.

Lastly, what kind of love confession is likely to work on you?
Hmm…it doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, just saying something heartfelt with his true emotions is fine with me.
Current Music: Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work
Nickkienickkie on September 6th, 2010 08:24 pm (UTC)
I believe your mate is... KAME or... KOKI!?
Your personality's description here reminds me not only Kame, but Koki as well! О___О But it was pure Kame in the previous post I commented...
It's like having a vision of your relationships here, a KoKame thing... Your personality and preferences here are like Koki's about somebody like Kame, but the type questions remind me of Koki as a mate!
So! I don't know whst to choose! Let it be Koki and/or Kame - depends on your community stamp! Because I really see the KoKame thing here!

ps Excurse my pairing involvings to the topic! >___<
イブyabu_yuki on September 7th, 2010 05:04 am (UTC)
I'm thinking of Koki for sure!
Annalastingdreams8 on March 21st, 2011 05:12 pm (UTC)
Thank you for waiting patiently. Though you don't have enough votes, I'll go ahead and stamp it anyway ^^