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KAT-TUN Ratings; a KAT-TUN Rating/Stamping Community

Welcome to KAT-TUN Ratings; the KAT-TUN ratings/stamping community!
What exactly is stamping? Well people will vote for who in KAT-TUN you are most like. Simple as that. So if you ever wanted to find out who you are in KAT-TUN this is the place for you.


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Become affiliates?


1. No bashing, trolling or spamming please.
2. You must be a member to post/vote.
3. Vote for 2 other people before you send your application in.
4. Make sure to put your application behind an lj-cut.
5. To see that you've read the rules, put "Real Face" as the subject.
6. Please be as honest as you can be when filling out your application.
7. Tag entries properly (for your first application: !needstamp)
8. Bold your votes. Give a short explaination if you can.
9. You will be stamped by a mod once you have recieved 5-10 votes.
10. Please upload the stamp onto your own server.
11. If you're not satisfied with who you've been stamped as, you may repost your application after one week.
12. Have fun with it!

Applications & Stamps

~general application~

~theme applications~

01 Theme: Lover


General Stamps
01 Theme: Stamps

After Being Stamped

copy + paste and then fill out these codes and put your stamp wherever you like. In your journal or profile perhaps.

all you gotta remember is DO NOT HOTLINK stamps and to link stamps back here.


Founders/Mods/Stamping/Graphics: kimmyxfleur & justapenholder
Mod/Stamping: xmichiyox
Mod/Stamping: lastingdreams8